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2014 MASE Fall Leadership Conference Coming Soon!

• Speaker Rick Lavoie N/A
• Speaker Barbara Troolin Click Here
• Speaker Norena Hale and Claudine Knoblauch Click Here
• Speaker Nelson Lauver N/A


The Storied Life of a Special Education Director
presented by Mick Waldspurger; Amy Mace; Attorneys, Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger
Click Here


Legal Update on Special Education and Disability Topics
presented by Charles Long and Sue Torgerson, Attorneys, Kennedy and Graven, Chartered
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Minnesota’s Comprehensive Response to Bullying: Implementing the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act and What it Means for Special Education Students (And Staff)
presented by Peter Martin, Attorney, Knutson, Flynn & Deans, P.A. 
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Click Here Handout Part II 
Click Here Handout Part III  

Regions 5/7 SLD Training Resources
presented by Heidi Hahn, Director of Special Education, Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative, Leigh Ann Thull, School Psychologist, South Washington County Schools, and Jennie Stumpf, Special Education Coordinator, Mid-State Education District, Fran Johnson, Retired, Keely Swartzer, Special Education Coordinator; and Megan Anderson, Special Education Coordinator and School Psychologist; MAWSECO


Reflections: Leading Change Through Continuous Improvement in Special Education (Panel)
facilitated by Loraine Jensen, Education Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education
Panelists: Robyn Widley, Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education, Terry Quist, Retired Superintendent, Alexandria Public Schools, Sarah King, Retired Special Education Coordinator, Moorhead Area Public Schools and Margaret (Peg) Hoff, Retired School Psychologist, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Schools

Options for the Provision of Mental Health Services in School Settings
presented by Melissa Schaller, Director of Special Education, Director of Special Education, Reggie Engebritson, Executive Director, Northland Special Education Cooperative, Ann Bettenburg, Student Services Director, Mounds View Public Schools, George Holt, Supervisor-Special Education Funding and Data; and Jill Johnson; Minnesota Department of Human Services
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Click Here Handout III 

The edTPA: What Is It and How Does It Impact P-12 Schools?
presented by Roxanne Pickle, Minnesota edTPA Coordinator, Minnesota Association of Colleges of Teaching Education (MACTE)
Handout I
Handout II
Handout III 

Moving Beyond the Single Story
presented by Doug Millaway, Administrative Consultant, dmEDia LLC
Handout I
Handout II 

Let Go…Be Grateful…Lead On!
presented by Heidi Hahn, Director of Special Education, Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative
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Ipads and Struggling Readers: LANGUAGE! Live Comes Alive in Classrooms
presented by Beverly Isom, Training Manager; and Stephanie Deming, Account Executive; Voyager Sopris Learning

This is the First Time I've Been Good at Math!
presented by Dennis Ortman, Region Director of Math Partnerships, Scholastic, Inc.

The Plot Thickens: Addressing The More Complicated Situations Special Education Administrators May Face Under Section 504
presented by Nancy Blumstein; Erin Benson; Attorneys; Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A.
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You're Outta Here! Why Suspension and Punishment Don't Work and How We Can Move to Proactive Solutions
presented by Wendy Loberg, Educational Leadership Consultant, Wendy Loberg Consulting, LLC
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School Violence, Special Education and Mental Health
presented by William Dikel, M.D., Consulting Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Independent Consultant
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MDE Complaints and Due Process Hearings: Telling the District's Story
presented by Kim Mesun, Assistant General Counsel and Manager, Compliance Team, Minneapolis Public Schools and Laura Tubbs Booth, Managing Partner, Booth Law Group
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Click Here Handout III 
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• Decision Flowchart: Extracurricular and Nonacademic Supports Click Here

2014 MASE Best Practices Conference

General Session:
Angela Lee Duckworth external Click Here
Melissa Schaller Keynote Presentation Click Here

Breakout Sessions:


Good Theories Travel Well: Theories in Action for Today's Leaders
presented by Mark Wolak, Retired Superintendent and Co-Founder, Board of School Superintendents (BOSS)
PPT Handout
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Click Here for Handout 2 

Maximizing the Role of the School Psychologist to Impact Student Outcomes
presented by Kim Gibbons, Executive Director, St. Croix River Education District and Dan Hyson, Data Manager, Hiawatha Valley Education District
PPT Handout
Practice Model - Domain 4 b.pdf
Planning Discussion Guide 
NASP Practice Model  7
NASP Practice Model 10
NASP Practice Model 6 and 4
Psychology Practice Model_ Examples From the Field - Domain 1 
NASP Model 10 Domains of Practice
NASP Practice Model - Domain 4 a
NASP Practice Model - Domain 4 
NASP Practice Model - Domain 5 
NASP Practice Model - Domains 5 and 6
NASP Practice Model Domain Examples 

Say It Once!
presented by Doug Millaway, Executive Director, West Central Education District
PPT Handout 

Twitter As Your Professional Development Tool
presented by Bret Domstrand, Special Education Lead Teacher, Lakeville Area Public Schools
PPT Handout


Mental Health and OHD
presented by Jeff Jorgensen, Director of Special Services; Jennifer McIntyre, Special Education Supervisor; South Washington County Schools and Mick Waldspurger, Attorney, Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A

Parent Child Interaction Therapy
presented by Mary Mitchell Lundeen, Licensed Psychologist/Early Childhood Special Education Teacher; Kristin Baden, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher; and Jill Kenyon, Special Education Supervisor; Anoka-Hennepin School District
Handout 1
PPT Handout

When Your Back's Against The Wall: Serving Elementary Students That Don't "Fit" Existing Programs
presented by Cory Reilly Graham, Director of Special Services, Brooklyn Center Schools and Helena Crushshon, Special Education Teacher; and Randy Koch, Principal on Special Assignment; Earle Brown IB World School
Handout 1
Handout 2


Interactive Technology With Special Education Students Or Individualizing Special Education With Technology
presented by Sara Pratt, Assistant Director of Special Services; and Lisa Edwards, Elementary Principal; Farmington Area Public Schools

Maximizing the Role of the School Psychologist to Impact Student Outcomes
presented by Kim Gibbons, Executive Director, St. Croix River Education District and Dan Hyson, Data Manager, Hiawatha Valley Education District
Handouts Above 

Say It Once!
presented by Doug Millaway, Executive Director, West Central Education District
PPT Handout  

Twitter As Your Professional Development Tool
presented by Bret Domstrand, Special Education Lead Teacher, Lakeville Area Public Schools
PPT Handout 


Bullied Into FAPE: Providing Special Educa3on Services For Students Who Are Bullied Or Bully At School
presented by Chuck Long and Tim Palmatier; Attorneys; Kennedy & Graven, Chartered
Handout 1 

When a Resident Student is Placed for Care and Treatment
presented by Mick Waldspurger, Attorney, Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A.

The ABCs of IEEs: Understanding the Role of the Independent Educational Evaluation in Special Education Programming
presented by Christian Shafer, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A.
Handout 1 

Investigating and Responding to Misconduct by Special Education Staff
presented by Peter Martin, Attorney, Knutson, Flynn & Deans, P.A.
Handout 1 

245-345 con’t.

Dining Room
When Student Behavior Impacts The Workplace
presented by Laura Booth, AUorney, Booth & Lavorato, LLC
PPT Handout 






A Better Way: Alternatives to Exclusionary Practices
presented by and Charlene Myklebust, Director on Special Assignment; and Wendy Loberg, Educational Consultant; Intermediate District 287

Program Improvement Plan for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Using the Re-EDucation Philosophy
presented by Merri Miller, Special Education Coordinator, South West Metro Educational Cooperative
PPT Handout 

Playing Chess in a Hurricane
presented by Gary Eustice, Licensed Psychologist, Tearmann Trauma Informed Care

Learning Together: A Model for Collaborative Professional Development
presented by Lindsay Engberg, Special Education Coordinator; Janet Fimmen; Special Education Coordinator; and Jennifer McCarty Plucker, Teaching and Learning Specialist; Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Public Schools


What We Need is a Statewide Conversation About Education
presented by John Moravec, Founder, Education Futures; and Mia Urick, Professional Development Director, MASE, MASA, and CLM


Program Evaluation as a Tool to Create a Culture of Success: Shining a Research-Based Light on #191’s Programs for Students with Significant Challenges with Social, Emotional and/or Communication Skills
presented by Cecelia Dodge, President, Cecelia Dodge & Assoc., LLC, Stephanie Corbey, Executive Director Individualized Services, Burnsville Eagan Savage Schools and Jill Lipski Cain, Senior Research Analyst, The Improve Group, Inc.
Handout 1 

2013 MASE Fall Leadership Conference

General Sessions:

Success for ALL Learners ~ Moving the system toward understanding and opportunity Click Here
presented by Mark Sander, PsyD, LP, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Coordinator, Hennepin County/Minneapolis Public Schools 

Supporting Resiliency – for our students, our staff members, and ourselves Click Here
presented by Steve Beseke, Senior Vice President, Resiliency Practice Leader, think2perform 

 Breakout Sessions:

Stress, Trauma and Repair: What Schools Can (and cannot) Do
Handout Not Available 
presented by Anne R. Gearity, PhD, LCSW, University of Minnesota, Renae Ouillette, Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services, Lakeville Public Schools and Laura Tubbs Booth, Attorney, Booth & Lavorato, LLC

Point-Counter Point: Maintaining Your Mental Health As A Special Education Leader While Not Always Agreeing With Your Attorney's Advise
Click Here ppt
presented by Denny P. Ulmer, Executive Director and Director Special Education, Bemidji Regional Interdistrict Council and Tim Palmatier, Attorney, Kennedy & Graven, Chartered 

The Wrong Side of the Tracks: How Poverty Impacts Student Learning and Mental Health
Click Here 1
Click Here 2
presented by Charlene Myklebust, Psy.D., Director on Special Assignment, Intermediate District 287

"I Love My Job!": Find Out Ways That You As A Leader Can Improve Your Employees Level Of Job Satisfaction
Click Here
presented by Heidi Hahn, Director of Special Education, Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative


SLD Rule: What's Up and Where Are We At With ABC vs. ABD  [Panel Discussion]
Handout Not Available 
presented by Heidi Hahn, Director of Special Education, Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative, Fran Johnson, Retired; Keely Swartzer, Special Education Coordinator MAWSECO; Megan Anderson, School Psychologist; Leigh Ann Thull, School Psychologist/Special Education Coordinator; Jennie Stumpf, School Psychologist/Special Education Coordinator; Region 5 and 7 SLD Trainers

Current SLP Licensing Issues/Information and SLPA Update
Click Here
presented by Nancy Thul, MSHA Member, SLPA Program Director/Instructor and Jeremy Braun, SLP and MSHA Vice President

Co-located Mental Health Services in School Districts: Collaborative and Integrated Systems of Care in Northeast Metro Intermediate School District 916
Handout Not Available 
presented by Tom Delaney, Nontraditional Education Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education and Dan Naidicz, Special Education Director; Danny Porter, Lead Social Worker - Mental Health; Northeast Metro Intermediate School District 916

The Vision Program: Creating Circles of Courage for Students and their Families
Click Here ppt
Click Here
presented by Marcia Engel, Special Education Supervisor, Bloomington Schools and Susan Dannen, Headway Supervisor, MSW, LICSW, RPT-S, Headway Emotional Health Services

Minnesota Special Education Directors, Who are we?  What do we do? What do we need?
Click Here ppt
Click Here 1
Click Here 2 
presented by Mary Clarkson, Director of Special Programs, Richfield Public Schools

The Mental Health Implications of Bullying: Addressing Bullying in the Special Education Context
Click Here ppt
Click Here
presented by Nancy Blumstein, Shareholder and Erin Benson, Associate Attorney; Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A.

Promising Practices in Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline
Click Here ppt
presented by Lochlan T. Stuart, J.D., Interagency Alternative Program Specialist and Robyn Widley, Supervisor, Interagency Partnerships Unit, Special Education Division; Minnesota Department of Education

"Why Are They Doing That?" and "What Should I Be Doing?"
Click Here ppt
presented by Keri Moon, DSW, LICSW, Child and Family Mental Health Service Coordinator, Northern Pines Mental Health Center and Heidi M. Hahn, Ed D, Director of Special Education, Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative 

Check & Connect: An Evidenced-based Student Engagement/Dropout Prevention Model
Click Here 1
Click Here 2
Click Here 3
Click Here ppt
presented by Eileen Klemm, Project Coordinator, University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration

The Rules Change Again! Restraint and Seclusion of Special Education Students After the 2013 Amendments to Minnesota's Restrictive
Procedures Law
Click Here
presented by Peter Martin, Attorney, Knutson, Flynn & Deans, P.A.

Legal Update: Court Decisions, MDE Opinions, and Statutory Amendments
Click Here
presented by Amy Mace, Attorney; Tessa Wagner, Associate Attorney; Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A.

2013 MASE Best Practices Conference

Book Recommendation and Discussion: Good to Great Click Here
presented by Jill Waldvogel, Graduate Student, St. Cloud State University

Effective Strategies to Reduce the Need for Restrictive Procedures Click Here
presented by Danielle Theis, School Administrator, New Dominion School

"Risky Business": The Art of Balancing Optimal Special Education Practices Against Real Life Limitations Click Here
presented by Nancy Blumstein, Attorney; and Erin Benson, Attorney; Ratwik, Rozsak & Maloney, P.A., and Sarah Mittelstadt, Director of Special Services, Southern Plains Education Cooperative

New Considerations for Behavioral Health:  Preparing for Universal Health Care Click Here
presented by Jeff Jorgensen, Director of Special Services, South Washington County Schools

Making Special Education Special: A Review of Highly Effective Educational Practices
presented by Kim Gibbons, Executive Director; and Sarah Brown, Unique Learners Manager; St. Croix River Education District (SCRED)

Progress Monitoring Focus Click Here

Core Instruction Click Here

Integrity Check Click Here

ROI Click Here

Visible Learning Rating Click Here

Progress Monitoring ppt Click Here

How to Implement and Integrate Speech/Language Pathology Assistants into Minnesota Public Schools
presented by Nancy Thul, Speech/Language Pathologist; Gregg Raisenen, Dean of Academic affairs; Alexandra Community and Technical College

-Statutes Click Here

-Pathology Assistant Click Here

-Reimbursements Click Here

School Districts' Obligations to Provide Nursing Services for Students at School and in After-School Programming Click Here
presented by Amy Mace, Attorney, Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A. and Penny Kodrich, Director of Special Services, Edina Public Schools

Success for All with Assistive Technology Click Here
presented by Todd Hanson, Director of Technology, Groves Academy

Utilizing Data to Determine Special Education Staffing Needs
presented by Cherie Peterson, Assistant Director of Special Education, Anoka-Hennepin School District

-Example Factors Click Here

-Self-sufficiency Rubrics Click Here

-Speech Rubrics Click Here

-Using Data ppt Click Here

Instructional Leadership
presented by Jane Sigford, Consultant and Amy Labarre, Cont. School Improvement Administrator, Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative

-Special Education Directors as Instructional Leaders Click Here

-Instructional Leadership ppt Click Here

Flipping the Special Education Classroom Click Here
presented by Brad Eustice, Product Manager of Student Plans; Sheilla Norton, e-Learning Product Manager, cmERDC and Kim Spudic, Transition Specialist, Ten Sigma TRAX

College Essentials+ Plus: The Next Step!
presented by Brittany Sliger, Mains’l Services, Inc.

-College Essentials+ handout Click Here

-College Essentials+ ppt Click Here

Trauma in the Classroom
presented by Gary Eustice, Licensed Psychologist, Te'armann Trauma Informed Care

-Childhood Experiences Click Here

-Trauma Informed Care Click Here

Addressing Barriers to Learning within a Unified and Comprehensive Support Framework Click Here
presented by Paul Lee, Director of Student Support Services; and Kate Pechacek, Learning Supports Coordinator; Stillwater Area Public Schools

Content Language Arts: Using Data and PLCs for Success Click Here
presented by Michelle Bethke-Kaliher, Assistant Director of Special Education; and Amy Frink, Special Education Teacher; Robbinsdale Area Schools

Crisis Management Plans for Special Education Students Click Here
presented by Jake Timm, Special Education Coordinator; and Tony Buthe, Director of Special Education; New Prague Area Schools

TCIT "The Language of Self- Regulation" Click Here
presented by David Stern, MSLP,LICSW; and Rebecca Patience, Supervisor of Special Education, Alexandria Public Schools

What Really Matters? Best Practices in Monitoring Due Process Through Key Indicators
presented by Jami Nord, Director of Special Education; Nicole Jack, Unique Learners' Manager; and Sarah Brown, St. Croix River Education District (SCRED)

-ESR Evaluation Click Here

-IEP Evaluation Click Here


2013 MASA/MASE Spring Conference

Educating the Knowmads Click Here for PPT
General Session: Keynote Speaker John Moravec

How to Help Experienced Teachers Become Experts Click Here for PPT
presented by Jane Sigford, Adjunct University of St. Thomas and Educational Consultant, Jan Frank, Chair, Teacher Education; University of St. Thomas and Rob Reetz, Instructional Coach, Irondale High School, Mounds View Schools

Lets Get Ready to Evaluate! Click Here for PPT
presented by Greg Vandal, Consultant, PEER*Solutions and Vox Liberi and Charles Kyte, Consultant, PEER*Solutions and Charles Kyte Consulting

SLEDS: An Extraordinary Data Source for Extraordinary Leaders Click Here for Feedback Sheet  Click Here for FAQ Sheet  Click Here for PPT
presented by Meredith Fergus, Policy Analyst/SLEDS Coordinator, Minnesota Officer of Higher Education

Our Kids Count: Trends in SpecialEducation and the Spaces That Make a Difference Click Here for PPT

presented by Laura Keller-Gautsch andMark Thiede, Associate; Justine Pliska, Sr. Interior Designer; TSP Architectsand Engineers

Financing Equipment Projects: Options and Strategies Click Here for PPT
presented by Patty Heminover, VP/Client Representative; and Don Lifto, Senior VP; Springsted, Incorporated

2012 MASE Best Practices Conference (handouts will be posted as they are received)

Nancy Blumstein, Erin Ische, Ratwik, Roszak, and Roszak, P.A., William Dikel, Independent Consultant, Janice Ostrom, Brih Design

Do Labels Really Matter?  Programming for Students with Mental Health Diagnoses  Click Here

Brian Yuretich, Northland Cooperative Charles Kyte, Charles Kyte Consulting, Tony Buthe, New Prague Area Schools, Adisack Nhouyvanisvong, Naiku, Inc. and Paulette Black, SkillsTutor
Best Practices for RTI   Click Here 

Kim Gibbons, and Sarah Brown, St. Croix River Education District
Making Special Education Special:  A Review of Highly Effective Educational Practices 

    • A Review of Highly Effective Educational Practices Click Here
    • Highly Effective Strategies for Special Education Click Here

Lori Fildes, Wayzata Schools and Debra Schipper, West Metro Learning Connections, Inc.
Innovative Partnerships:  How to Tackle Complicated Student Issues and Build Staff Capacity  


Amy Mace, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A. and Meredith Boo, Westonka Schools
Be Prepared:  Guidance for Ensuring Your District is Ready for a Civil Rights Compliance Review by the MDE  Click Here

Cecelia Dodge, Cecelia Dodge & Associates, LLC and Leah Goldstein Moses, The Improve Group
Unlock the Power:  The Role of Evaluation in Transforming Systems

Lesley Ernst, Main Street School of Performing Arts
Corrective Action Plans:  Nuts and Bolts Click Here for Agenda

Carla Nohr Schulz, Farmington Area Schools, Peggy Childs, Infinitec, Mary Bettlach, Infinitec and Cheri Johnson, Goodhue County Education District
Cost Effective Solutions for Professional Development  Click Here

Peter Martin, Knutson, Flynn & Deans and Cherie Johnson, Goodhue County Education District
What the Schools Can Do to Get Beyond the Discord Click Here

Jacob Timm and Tony Buthe, New Prague Area Schools
Building Capacity Within Your Secondary Schools: Staffing/Curriculum Click Here

2012 MASA/MASE Spring Conference

Keynote Speaker Annie McKee
Resonant Leadership Click Here for ppt

Christine Weymouth, Jennifer Huling and Dan Pickens    
High Impact Leadership and Customized Student Learning  Click Here for ppt

Karen Orcutt, Ric Dressen, Melissa Krull, Jay Haugen and Dennis Cheesbrow   
The Superintendency Institute Click Here for ppt
Amy LaBarre and Rick Linnell
Continuous School Improvement and Instructional Decision Making:  What Every District Leader Needs to Know Click Here for ppt
Adam Fransen, John Christiansen and Shannon Pinc
The Next Frontier:  Greening Your Existing School Buildings Click Here for ppt
Christian R. Shafer   
E-Speech:  Legal Issues Surrounding Student and Staff Speech in the 21st Century Click Here for handout
Nancy Gould, Julie Frame, Suzanne Riley and Lori Mack  
Demystifying the NEW STANDARDS!  
                    For FAQ Standards Click Here
                    For Standard Insight Click Here
                    For ppt Click Here

Katie Berglund and Lynn Hemann
Grading for Learning: A Fundamental Change to Grading and Reporting at the Middle School Focused  on Supporting College and Career Readiness    

                     For Professional Practice Handout Click Here
                     For Portable Document Click Here
                     For Annotated Bibliography For Resources for Grading and Reporting Click Here
                     For ppt Click Here
                     For Parent Overview Click Here

Sue Benolken, Robyn Widley & Renae Ouillette
Together We Are More:  Interagency Coordination Click Here for ppt 

Marnie Thompson, Susan Sanderson & Beth Berry   
TORCH:  Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes  Click Here for ppt

2011 MASE Fall Leadership Conference Handouts

• Properly Drafted Prior Written Notices: An Ace in the Hole for Educators
presented by Nancy Blumstein, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak and Maloney and Scott Hare, Special Education Director, Jordan Schools 
Click Here for Click Here for Properly Drafted Prior Written Notices    Click Here for Prior Written Notice Template  Click Here for Kristie Davidson IEP Meeting

• The Science of Early Childhood Development
presented by Megan Gunnar, Regents Professor, Department Chair and Director of the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota     Click Here for Presentation 

• Teaching the Adolescent Brain
presented by Keith Jacobus, Assistant Superintendent of Leadership, Teaching and Learning, Osseo Area Schools Click Here for ppt

• Minnesota Special Education Services, an Oral History
presented by Norena Hale, Ph.D. Click Here for ppt

• The 7-Point Plan
presented by Barbara Troolin, Director of the Special Education Policy Division, MN Department of Education Click Here for Handout

• Ain't Just Misbehaving:  Educational Neuroscience and Challenging Behaviors
presented by Kari Dunn Buron, Author Click Here for ppt

• Brain Food - Here's What We Told You; Here's What We Know Now
presented by Joel Weintraub, "humorous educator"  Click Here for ppt 

• Systematic Approach to Alternatives-to-Suspension
presented by Cindy Shevlin-Woodcock, Alternatives and Prevention Support Specialist, Nancy Riestenberg,  Professional Development Specialist and Ellen Nacik, EBD Policy Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education Click Here for ppt,  Click Here for Classroom Management, Click Here for Alternatives to Suspension Fact Sheet, 

• Brain Based Disorder and Behavior - Multiple Perspectives
presented by Sheila Merzer, Licensed Psychologist, Sheila Merzer, MA, LP, Jan Ostrom, Consultant, Brih Design, and Laura Booth, Attorney, Booth & Lavorato, LLC Click Here for ppt

• Autism Spectrum Disorders:  Minnesota Technical Assistance Highlights/Updates
presented by Phil Sievers, Specialist in Education Policy, Minnesota Department of Education and Tami Childs, Coordinator of the Minnesota Low Incidence Project, Minnesota Autism Project Click Here for ppt

• Students Placed for Care and Treatment:  Legal Requirements and Practical Considerations for Resident Districts and Providing Districts
presented by Amy Mace, Attorney and Christian Shafer, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A., Karon Joyer, N. St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale Schools, Jeff Jorgensen, Director of Special Services, South Washington County Schools and Mary Mesler, Stillwater Schools Click Here for Presentation

• CIMP - An Alternative Format
presented by Sarah Mittelstadt, Director of Special Services, Southern Plains Education Cooperative Click Here for Program Evaluation, Click Here for Resource Page,  Click Here for MDE Correspondence

• What to Do When Staff Members Fail to Use Their Brain
presented by Mick Waldspurger, Attorney and Erin Ische, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A. Click Here for Presentation

• MASE Monitoring Survey Results Update
presented by Scott Hare, Past President for MASE and Director of Special Services, Belle Plaine and Jordan School Districts, Melissa Schaller, MASE President and Director of Special Education, Intermediate District 917 and Laura Pingry-Kile, Director of Special Services for Eastern Carver County Schools Click Here for ppt


2011 Best Practices Handouts

• Do We Still Have to Count to 10?  Discipline of Special Education Students -  Presented by Kim Buechel Mesun and Laura Tubbs Booth  Click Here for ppt   Click Here for Handout

• Due Process Hearing - A Team Journey- Presented by Susan Torgerson Click Here for Handout      

• How Should School Districts Balance the Competing Rights of Disabled Students with Regular Education Students? –
Presented by Lori Fildes and Amy Mace Click Here

• Labor Law for Special Education Administrators – Presented by Nan Records and Mick Waldspurger           

• Legal Issues Around Response to Intervention and Special Education Entitlement Decisions - Presented by Kerry Bollman and
Kimberly Gibbons  Click Here for ppt        

• Lessons Learned: A Team Response to an MDE Complaint – Presented by Susan Knopik, Amy Mace and Elisabeth Lodge Rogers  
Click Here for ppt ,  Click Here for Flowchart , Click Here for Overview of Complaint Process,  Click Here for Samples of Timeline Response

• MASE Action Plan Update: Special Education Transportation, Restraint and Seclusion, and Monitoring – Presented by Darren
Kermes, Melissa Schaller and Scott Hare

• Now That the Dust has Settled: The ‘PLAN’ Program: A System for Implementing the Minnesota Supreme Court’s “Centennial”
Decision – Presented by Nancy Blumstein and Tammy Stahl Click Here

• Restraint and Seclusion of Special Education Students:  Strategies for Compliance With Minnesota’s New Restrictive Procedures
Law – Presented by Pauline Bangma and Peter Martin Click Here, Click Here for Restrictive Procedure Plan, Click Here for Review Form

• Special Education Assessment Teams: Experience from the Field – Presented by Jackie Budden and Mary Margaret Mathers
Click Here for ppt , Click Here for Evaluation Plan Form

• Successfully Disciplining Special Education Students – Presented by Erin Ische, Chris Sonenblum and Mick Waldspurger

• You Always Hurt the One You Love – Presented by Carla Nohr Schulz and Sara Ruff  Click Here for ppt

• Is it Okay to Sign? - Peter Martin Click Here


2010 MASE Fall Leadership Conference

• Restraint and Seclusion: An Examination of Recent Statutory Changes and the Emerging Case Law in the Use of Regulated Interventions Tim Palmatier

• Brain Research and Instruction Jane Sigford Click Here

• Clinical- Behavioral Index: Bridging Mental Health Disorders and Behaviors William Dikel and Jan Ostrom Click Here

• Bookshare: Accessible Books & Periodicals for Readers with Print Disabilities Claudine Knoblauch Click Here

• Maximizing the Benefit of Infant/Toddler Intervention (Part C) Lisa Backer

• Project SEARCH and Neuroscience: What’s the Fit? Jayne Spain, Karen Quammen, and Kelly Lessman

• FASD, the Brain, and Special Education Brad Wing Click Here

• Grey Matter Matters! - How Understanding Current Brain Research Can Maximize Student Engagement and Achievement  Barb Siscoe, Kursten Dubbels, and Kristin Oien


• Is Racial Bias Hard-Wired? Chris Sonnenblum and Cara Quinn Click Here

• Are We a Team.....Yet? Jill Skarvold and Robin Grooters Click Here

• Identifying and Responding to Literacy Needs of Secondary DCD Students Beth Anderson Click Here

• Legal Issues in Educating of Students with Mental Health Diagnosis Susan Torgerson

• Public School Services for Private School Students Chuck Long

• School Linked Mental Health: A Collaborative Effort Billie Ward and Rebecca Goffman
Click Here
• SkillsTutor and Math Fact Fluency - Online Tools for Higher Order Thinking Skills Susan Majors, Todd Travis, Michelle Dunaski, and Brian Yuretich  

Yuretich's Click Here  
Click Here 
Major's Click Here

• Autism and Challenging Behaviors: Effective Brain Based Educational Strategies Sheila Merzer and Renae Ouillette Click Here

• Equals Mathematics - The Mathematics Curriculum Developed Specifically for Students with Disabilities! Karen Ross Brown

 Orientation for Your School Board(s) Nan Records  PowerPoint

2010 MASE Best Practices Conference Available Handouts

May 5-7, 2010

Madden's Lodge, Brainerd, MN

• Leadership Matters! (That Means YOU!) PowerPoint

• Traditional and CIMP Monitoring Processes: Trials, Tribulations and Celebrations Darlene Bell & Panelists Chain of Events  Correction Requirements  Due Process  Timeline Checklist  Five-Year Schedule

Getting to 100% Compliance Can Be FUN!! Nan Records, Monica Lewis & Lana Talberg

• Using Data to Allocate Staff Cherie Peterson & Mary Clarkson PowerPoint  

Self-sufficiency Rubrics 

• Restraints & Seclusion: Practical Guidance for Complying with the New Requirements Amy Mace & Jan Ostrom PowerPoint  Practical Guide

• Using Technology in Large Districts and Cooperatives Brian Yuretich & Reggie Engebritson  PowerPoint

Ebay: A Marketable In-School Business  Vicki Lambrecht & Darren Kermes E-Bay Checklist

• When Johnny Won’t Work: Effectively Addressing the Problem of Student Work Refusal in the Special Education Setting  Nancy Blumstein, Pauline Bangma & Jan Ostrom  Model

2009 MASE Fall Leadership Conference Available Handouts

Hand in Hand Culturally Proficient Leadership

October 21 - 23, 2009

Cragun’s Conference Center, Brainerd, MN

• RtI: Response to Intervention for English Language Learners, Cara Quinn and Brian Koland Click Here

• Recent Changes to Minnesota Special Education Laws and How They Work - A View from Inside the Minnesota Legislature, Peter Martin  Click Here


• Curriculum and Instruction Rubric, Randall Lindsey Click Here

• TransForm: An Intercultural Leadership Experience, Okokon O. Udo and Joan Sargent Click Here

2009 MASE Best Practices Legal Conference

May 6 - 8 • Madden’s Lodge, Brainerd

• When it Gets Personal- Techniques for supporting staff when litigation occurs, Nancy Blumestein, Karen Filla and Karen Orcutt Click Here 

• When a Student's Mental Health Disorder Blocks the Classroom Door: What to Do, Char Myklebust and Sara Ruff Click Here

• What’s so tough about behavioral interventions, discipline, truancy, criminal behavior and maltreatment? Sara Ruff and Susan Torgerson Click Here


• Students Placed for Care & Treatment: What are the Legal Requirements? Amy Mace Click Here


• Legal Update: 2008-2009 -- A Review of Critical Changes to State and Federal Law and An Examination of Case Law Shaping the Past Year, Tim Palmatier and Michael Waldspurger Click Here


• Five Common Graduation Disputes That Arise With Special Needs Students, Tim Palmatier Click Here

American Recovery Act 2009

Potential consequences of the maintenance of effort required under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act State Fiscal Stabilization Fund... Click Here