MASE is Proud to Present the Following Awards...


Nominations must be made by January 12, 2015

2015 MASE Distinguished Service Award Click Here

2015 MASE New Special Education Leader Award Click Here

2015 MASE Legacy Award Click Here

2015 MASE Special Education Administrator of the Year Award Click Here


New Special Education Leader Award

2014 Diane McCarron
2013 Mary Clarkson
2012 Tammy Stahl

2011 Reggie Engebritson

MASE Special Education Administrator of the Year Award Recipients:

2014 Melissa Schaller
2013 Jacque Stein
2012 Nan Records
2011 Dave Thacker
2010 Lori Fildes
2009 Kim Gibbons

2008 Denny Ulmer

2007 Carla Nohr-Schulz

2006 Nancy Johnson

2005 Dan Sullivan

2004 Mary Ruprecht

2003 Barbara Troolin

2002 Janine Dahms-Walker

2001 Bob Fischer

2000 Bill Naylor

1999 Karen Filla

1998 Don Schuld

1997 Don Loe

1996 Marcia Carthaus

1995 Sharon Cox

1994 Ardith Rotto

1993 Dennis LaRoque

1992 Keith Kromer

MASE Distinguished Service Award Recipients:

2014 Lisa Backer
2013 Sue Abderholden
2012 Paul Ratwik

2011 No Recipient
2010 No Recipient
2009 Mindy Greiling

2008 Mark Dayton

2007 No Recipient

2006 No Recipient

2005 Nan Records

2004 Don Krukow

2003 No Recipient

2002 Norena Hale

2001 Robert Vaadeland

2000 Denny Ulmer

1999 Gary Lewis

MASE Legacy Award Recipients:

2013 Chris Sonenblum
2012 John Messelt
2011 No Recipient
2010 Janine Dahms-Walker
2009 Denny Ulmer

2008 Bob Vaadeland

2007 No Recipient

2006 Earl Mergens

2005 Norena Hale

Award for Professional Development: MASE

MASE received the CASE Award for Professional Development at the CASE Business Meeting on April 2nd in Boston in recognition of work in the area of professional development in 2006-2007. Congratulations to MASE Professional Development Cop-Chairs Renae Ouillette and Marlene Grindland for their leadership, and to CASE Liaison Duane Borgeson for his work on the annual report that described the professional development initiatives. MASE Board members Jeff Jorgensen and Keith Erickson were in Boston to accept the award.